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Tuesday, 14 February 2012



Karachi Stocks Up 29.41 Points:
KARACHI, Feb 15: The KSE-100 index was at 12291.26, up 29.41 points.(today 12.10pm)

February 14, 2012


Unilever Pakistan
Rs 35.73
Nestle Pakistan
Rs (40.48)
Bata Pakistan
Rs 28.72
Unilever Foods
Rs (27.89)
Siemens Pakistan
Rs 13.82
Rs (5.35)
Colgate Pakistan
Rs 5.00
Al-Ghazi Tractors
Rs (3.22)
Wyeth Pakistan
Rs 5.00
Abbott Lab
Rs (3.07)

Karachi Stocks add 11 points to overnight gains
KARACHI, Feb 14: The stock market on Tuesday maintained a creeping rally amid a tussle between the bulls and the bears to tilt the price balance in their respective favour.
But there was no major breakthrough either-side as bulk of the support again remained confined to the undervalued shares, which reflected that investors were still in two minds and to take financial risks on high-profile stocks, analysts said.
The KSE 100-share index, however, managed to put on a fresh modest gain of 11.85 points at 12,261.85 as compared to 12,250.00 a day earlier as some of the index-heavy base shares ended further higher under the lead of Fauji Fertiliser, Engro Corporation, Pakistan Oilfields and National Bank.
Floor brokers said leading investors were not inclined to resume their normal operations as the direction of the political events was not clear after the prime minister’s indictment in the contempt case.
However, market talk of higher earning reports kept the market afloat despite the fact that background news were not that positive and could work against the underlying sentiment any time, they added.
That was perhaps why investors decided to play safe and seldom opted to go beyond the low-risk areas, notably JS & Co, Azgard Nine, Silkbank, Cherat Cement and some others, which accounted for about 80 per cent of the total turnover figure.
Top gainers were led by Unilever Pakistan and Bata Pakistan, higher by Rs35.73 and Rs28.72, while among the top losers Nestle Pakistan and Unilever Foods were notable off Rs40.48 and Rs27.89 respectively.
Traded volume rose further to 148.203m shares from the previous 116m shares as gainers held a slight edge over the losers at 134 to 117 with 71 shares holding onto the last levels.
The actives list was led by JS & Co, steady by five paisa at Rs8.52 on 26m shares, followed by Azgard Nine, lower 20 paisa at Rs5.73 on 13m shares, Cherat Cement, up 44 paisa at Rs31.23 on 8m shares, Silkbank, firm by 20 paisa at Rs2.19 on 8m shares, Pace Pakistan, steady by 19 paisa at Rs1.79 on 7m shares, Fauji Cement, unchanged at Rs4.56 on 7m shares and Fatima Fertiliser, higher by 20 paisa at Rs22.70 on 6m shares.
They were followed by D.G. Khan Cement, firm by 22 paisa at Rs24.79 on 5m shares, Lafarge Pakistan, easy two paisa at Rs2.20 on 4m shares and Bank of Punjab, steady by 23 paisa at Rs6.51 also on 4m shares.
FUTURE CONTRACTS: D.G. Khan Cement again topped the list of actives, up 21 paisa at Rs24.90 on 0.813m shares, National Bank, unchanged at Rs46.46 on 0.697m shares and Engro Corporation, up Rs1.32 at Rs123.14 on 0.652m shares.
They were followed by Arif Habib Corporation, higher by 55 paisa at Rs29.47 on 0.623m shares and Fauji Fertiliser, higher by Rs1.07 at Rs184.86 on 0.498m shares.
DEFAULTER COMPANIES: Dost Steels again led the list of actives, higher by 11 paisa at Rs195 on large volume of 0.369m shares followed by Kohinoor Power, lower five paisa at Rs1.60 on 0.114m shares and AMZ Ventures (A), steady by two paisa at Rs0.44 on 39,400 shares.
Genertech Power followed them, easy by seven paisa at Rs0.40 on 29,678 shares and Saritow Spinning, unchanged at Rs1.40 on 11,010 shares.
Mohammed Saleem Mansoori

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