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Tuesday, 7 February 2012



Karachi Stocks Up 164.72 Points:
KARACHI, Feb 07: At close of trading, the KSE-100 index was at 12301.64, up 164.72 points.


Unilever Foods         Rs 70.75        Indus Dyeing        Rs (20.35)
Nestle Pakistan        Rs 12.05        Ferozesons Lab    Rs (3.20)
PSO                           Rs 7.70        Fauji Fertiliser        Rs (2.55)
National Refinery     Rs 6.93        JDW Sugar            Rs (2.18)
PITC                         Rs 4.30        Atlas Honda            Rs (1.39)

February 07, 2012

KSE 100 – Shares Index
    Previous 12,136.92, Tuesday’s 12, 284.62, plus147.70 points
    Previous Rs 3,158.637bn, Tuesday’s 3,196.715, plus 38.078bn
    J.S.& Co 30.349m, Bank AlFalah 12.707m, National Bank 9.619m, D.G.Khan Cement 7.512m, PTCL 6.887m shares
    TONE:steady, total listed 614, actives 339, inactives 275, plus 162, minus 92, unchanged 85

Bulls tighten grip with fresh 147-point gain

KARACHI, Feb 7: The stock market on Tuesday extended the overnight run-up as follow-up support figured prominently on the oil and banking sectors followed by reports of higher earnings and enhanced payouts.

The benchmark KSE 100-index added another 147.70 points to the previous gain and was quoted at 12,284.62 as compared to 12,136.92 a day earlier as leading base shares tended further higher.

The contribution of OGDC in the index rise was about 80 points as an increase of Re1 in its scrip prices adds 17 points to the index, some analysts said.

The volume figure, however, shrank to 162m shares from Monday’s 200m shares reflecting that sellers adhered to the sidelines anticipating further increase in the share values if the current bull-run was sustained.

Floor brokers said renewed heavy buying in the index-heavy OGDC, which surged by another Rs3.44 at Rs158.62 on large volume of 1.513m shares reflects that some of the investors have found cue about its earnings and are trying to grab as much
of its floating stock as they could.

They said participation of some foreign investors along with the locals in the current buying euphoria in the oil sector, notably National Refinery, PSO and Attock Petroleum indicates that the market is expected to rise to new highs during the next couple of weeks.

Leading shares were led by Unilever Pakistan and Nestle Pakistan, up Rs70.75 and Rs12.05 respectively.

Top losers included Indus Dyeing and Ferozsons Lab, off Rs20.35 and Rs3.20 respectively. Traded volume fell to 162.115m shares from the previous 196m shares but gainers held a strong lead over the losers at 162 to 92, with 85 shares holding on to the last levels.

The active list was again topped by JS & Co, firm by 43 paisa at Rs7.99 on 30m shares followed by Bank Al-Habib, steady 31 paisa at Rs12.81 on 13m shares, National Bank, higher by Rs1.30 at Rs46.59 on 10m shares, D.G. Khan Cement, up 54 paisa at Rs25.37 on 8m shares, PTCL, higher by 49 paisa at Rs11.91 on 7m shares, Bank of Punjab, steady 13 paisa at Rs6.59 on 7m shares and Engro Corporation, higher by Rs2.88 at Rs124.74 also on 7m shares.

They were followed by Azgard Nine, firm by 14 paisa at Rs4.35, JS Bank, higher by 32 paisa at Rs4.06 on 5m shares and Fatima Fertiliser, steady seven paisa at Rs22.48 on 4m shares.

FUTURE CONTRACTS: National Bank again came in for active short-covering and rose by Rs1.33 at Rs46.93 on 2.198m shares followed by Engro Corporation, up Rs3.30 at Rs125.30 on 1.715m shares and D.G. Khan Cement, up 57 paisa at Rs25.48 on 1.656m shares.

Fauji Fertiliser on the other hand came in for profit-selling and was marked down by Rs2.73 at Rs183.60 on 0.718m shares and Attock Refinery, steady by 22 paisa at Rs124.13 on 0.562m shares.

DEFAULTER COMPANIES: Kohinoor again led the list of actives, easy eight paisa at Rs0.93 on 50,061 shares followed by Quice Foods, up 19 paisa at Rs3.20 on 15,301 shares and IBL Modaraba at Rs1.55 on 5,000 shares.


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